Plans have been announced to build the second largest arena in southern England in Swindon. A £62m plan to develop the Oasis Leisure Centre is being expanded to provide a 7,500-seater arena. This would be the second largest in the south behind London’s 20,000 seater O2 arena.

Swindon Council member Keith Williams said “It’s going to be one of the great venues. People will come for weekends to see the great acts here and also bring the benefits for the hotels and knock-on benefits for the economy”.








The existing Oasis will be refurbished by the end of 2013.

This will see a larger, 100-station gym installed on the site of the indoor bowls facility, new plastic panels installed in the iconic dome, the changing rooms and toilets refurbished, and the kiosk moved back so customers do not have to queue outside.

Another plan is an indoor ski slope which, at between 180 and 200 metres long, will be one of the longest in the UK.

There will be associated shops selling sports equipment and clothing, plus food and drink outlets, and there will also be space for other leisure uses, possibly an ice climbing wall and a snowball-fighting area.