Starters 酒肴

Edamame                                    枝豆                                  £3.50

(Young soya bean)

Atsuyaki tamago                          厚焼き玉子                        £4.50
(Japanese style omelette)
Agedashi tofu                               揚げだし豆腐                    £5.00
(Tofu tempura in soya base soup)
Nasu Dengaku                           茄子田楽                            £5.50
(Deep fried aubergine served with sweet miso sauce)
Tori Karaage                               鶏唐揚げ                            £5.50
(Deep-fried special marinated chicken)
Yaki gyoza (6個)                          焼き餃子(6 pieces)            £5.50
(Pan-fried gyoza dumpling)
Tako ten                                        たこ天                              £5.50
(Ocutopus tempura)
Ika isobe age                                いか磯辺揚げ                   £5.50
(Squid tempura with aonori seaweed)
Sashimi Salad                             刺身サラダ                      £9.80
(Salmon, tuna, seabass served with a mixed salad, lemon and spicy mayonnaise) 

Sashimi 刺身

3 kinds of sashimi (Tuna Salmon Seabass 15pieces) 刺身三種     £15.00

5 kinds of sashimi (Chef’s choice assorted 15pieces) 刺身五種    £20.00

Sushi   寿司

Assorted 8 pieces of nigiri & 1 roll   すし盛り合わせA                   £15.00

Assorted 11 pieces of nigari            すし盛り合わせB                   £20.00

Salmon don                                     サーモン丼                             £15.00
(Sliced salmon and salmon roe on a bowl of sushi rice)

Tekka don                                        鉄火丼                                  £15.00(Tuna sashimi on a bowl of sushi rice )


Tempura 天ぷら

Ebi tempura                                         海老てんぷら                        £11.50

(Deep-fried prawns served with soya based dipping sauce)

Yasai tempura                                      野菜てんぷら                         £ 6.50

(Deep-fried vegetables served with soya based dipping sauce)

Tempura moriawase                           天ぷら盛合わせ                      £ 9.50

(Deep-fried prawns & vegetables served with soya based dipping sauce)







Noodles 麺類

うどん Udon White wheat noodle /そば Soba buck wheat noodle
Kake udon/soba                            かけうどん/そば                            £ 8.00
(noodles served in hot soya base soup)
Tempura udon/ soba                          天ぷらうどん/そば                                 £13.00
(noodles served in hot soya base soup with prawn and vegetable tempura)

Set menu 定食

without rice & miso soup   with rice & miso soup

                         単品            定食
Deep fried crispy chicken            鶏から揚げ                £10.00                             £12.50
Pork ginger                                  豚しょうが焼き         £10.00                             £12.50
Deep-fried breaded pork            豚カツ                        £ 10.00                            £12.50
Grilled salted mackerel                さば塩焼き                £ 10.00                            £12.50

   one dish menu 一品メニュー                                                              

Katsu don                                   カツ丼                       £10.50
(Deep-fried breaded pork on bowl of rice topped with onion & soft scrambled eggs)          
Served with miso soup               おみそ汁つき
Katsu curry                                  カツカレー                  £10.50
(Japanese style rice and curry with deep-fried breaded pork steak)
Chicken curry                              チキンカレー               £10.50
(Japanese style rice and chicken curry)
Yakisoba                                      焼そば                       £10.50
(Stir-fried noodles)
 If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement, please ask the allergy information to the member of Restaurant staff before ordering.